The Lighthouse – Watch or Not?!

Robert Eggers transports us back in time to a an isolated lighthouse island in the 1890s, with Robert Pattison becoming the new lighthouse keeper assistant to Willem Dafoe. This dark and unsettling movie will fill you with dread, as the pair weave between hatred and almost friendship, taking you to the depth of what isolation does to a man. Listen to our quick SPOILER FREE episode on whether you should watch The Lighthouse or not, and what to expect.

Uncut Gems – Meaning Behind the Movie

Uncut Gems is a 2019 movie by the masters of anxiety-inducing cinema, the Safdie brothers. Starring Adam Sandler as Howard Ratner, a Jewish-American jeweller who is a compulsive gambler, Uncut Gems takes us through the rollercoaster that is Howard’s life. As he tries to juggle an increasingly precarious act that seems like it is going to come tumbling down at any moment.

Listen to our podcast episode to learn more about the themes, morals and lessons of Uncut Gems, an exploration into gambling, addiction and our modern consumer society.

Uncut Gems – Watch or Not?!

Uncut Gems is a gripping, anxiety-inducing 2019 film by the Safdie Brothers, starring Adam Sandler in arguably his best role ever. In under 2 minutes, we’ll tell you, spoiler free, why you MUST watch Uncut Gems! For further analysis, watch our full podcast episode.

First Reformed

First Reformed is a 2018 A24 movie that touches on very deep issues surrounding the environment, the human condition and whether we should live with hope or despair. In this episode, Zain and Ramzan dissect the meaning behind the movie, whether the messages of this movie ring true to our daily life and how we can use First Reformed to hopefully improve our own lives.

This 2019 movie was BANNED- Blue Story – The knife crime epidemic

Blue story explores the tragic and deadly reality of gang culture and knife crime in London, based upon postcodes. With knife violence reaching extreme levels, this is potentially the most important movie to watch of 2019.

In this episode, we explore whether the director ‘Rapman’ achieved this in his debut movie, whether it was right to be banned in cinemas across the United Kingdom and most importantly who are these children caught up in this life? Are they as evil as they appear on TV or are they a product of a broken society that has abandoned them?

Social Class and Morality – The Korean Film Parasite

Infamous director Bong Joon Ho returns with this 2019 Palm D’or winning masterpiece, exploring the effects of social class on both society and the individual.

In this episode, we delve into the deeper meanings that Bong Joon Ho is trying to convey, are rich people less moral and the poor more moral? Or are we all simply the product of our social class? This is a must listen to episode for anyone pondering such questions.